Climb Out of Darkness!

Climb Out of Darkness!

Postpartum is one of the few major organizations dedicated to raising awareness around perinatal mood disorders.  Every year warrior moms just like you lead climbs all over the world to raise awareness.  The campaign is called Climb Out of the Darkness and it’s a beautiful event and fundraiser where families convene in various outdoor locations to shine some light on PPD.  Last year they raised over $165,000 to increase education and support for women suffering from postpartum depression and other mood disorders.

I love this idea, because fresh air and sunshine are powerful tools in combating depression.  The building of community is another huge piece of the puzzle in reducing stigma and supporting mamas.

Please share the Climb Out of Darkness event and the good work that is doing.

Anyone can join or donate.

Registration is free, but required if you want to participate.

Together we can!

Climb Out of Darkness Event Page

Our event will be held June 20, 2015, at 10:30 am in Novato, CA at Rush Creek Trail.  See link for details!

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