Guided Illumination

Guided Illumination: Healing the Lightworker


Jessica’s gift illuminates people’s souls. -Robin Osborn


Jessica Behnam Hicks is an Energy Healer and a Divine Channel.

She has studied various healing modalities including energy healing, shamanism, earth-based religious practices, native ceremonial work, as well as western medicine; Jessica is also a board certified Family Nurse Practitioner. Through years of studying consciousness thought leaders and personal exploration, she has discovered universal truths among their collective wisdom.

Jessica has lived this lifetime as a highly sensitive being and an empath, and understands the difficulties sensitive people struggle with. Her life’s work is focused on helping others like her, fellow Lightworkers, awaken through their traumas and step into their power.

As a mother, a Postpartum Depression and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder survivor, she has intimate knowledge of the struggles many women silently suffer through.

Her own journey of self healing and consciousness elevation has illuminated a passion and a gift for helping others to do the same.


I’ve seen countless people move through this process of self-healing and awakening.  This awareness began in my traditional practice, seeing how often the psychological, emotional, and spiritual pieces were where the underlying cause existed.  My own struggles and trauma brought tremendous clarity on how to heal and integrate.  There are certain patterns, even within the nuances of individual lives, that make it possible to facilitate this process of remembering for others. I’ve developed a method for helping these highly sensitive souls remember their truth, connect to source, and move through the world renewed as the Lightworkers that they were meant to be…that we desperately need.

– Jessica Behnam Hicks, MSN, FNP, RN, PHN, Founder of Truth Love and Connection


Jessica’s work explores the connection we all seek to our authentic selves.

Her direct, non-judgmental approach allows individuals to make tremendous shifts very quickly. Her gentle honesty allows individuals to feel safe in their own vulnerability and easily see blind spots or patterns that may have felt like a mystery before.


Her firm belief that awareness illuminates is the guiding force behind her work.

Uncover Your Truth

Discover Your Authenticity

There is incredible power in allowing our vulnerabilities to show us our truth.

It is a much gentler process with someone to guide you.

Jessica will be a guide for your transformational journey so that you can learn to recognize your inner guidance, live in your truth, and become a part of the awakening that is happening on this planet.

Tap into the ancient wisdom within you.

Now is your time.





Jessica has supported, assisted and guided me through a profound level of healing on my journey through CPTSD with a compassionate, gentle yet affirmative approach where I feel heard and seen on a soul level.

It’s truly been an experience unlike anything I’ve ever had.

Although Jessica allows the voice of the old stories and beliefs that have been birthed by the trauma to be heard, seen and felt, she guides those beliefs and stories through a journey of transformation into energy that begins to birth NEW beliefs and NEW stories.

What was also DEEPLY helpful to me was Jessica’s extensive medical credentials which you can read about on her FB page. I can’t even begin to tell how profound and helpful it is to be working with someone who not only understands the emotional energy present in my body (as she shares in her own personal story), but she ALSO understood the often debilitating energy of the physical/medical energy I’d be contending with at any given moment.

Jessica has knocked down walls of disconnect, anger, defensiveness and deep levels of sensitivities within me rooted from childhood trauma. However, she never did it in a way that ever made me feel wrong or broken. Quite the opposite. She did it in a way that fostered self-love, self-compassion and self-acceptance.

– Claudia De Mauro,





Guided Illumination is personally tailored to meet you exactly where you are. To help you identify your soul’s calling and your deepest truth. Together we will customize practices that suit your lifestyle and needs and that will support your personal evolution.  Jessica will be guiding you directly through this journey work. As a Mystic, Jessica sees universal truths, and can help you learn to identify and trust your own inner guidance.


Breakthrough Assessment

Forty-five (45) minute session to assess your readiness and to catalyze your awakening

Get key guidance points to start you on your journey.

If you enroll in a package, the Breakthrough session investment will be rolled into the cost of the package. 

Investment $88

Initiation Package

Four (4) 60 minute sessions, 1 per week + invitation to Private Community

Great way to discover how to access your divine gifts!

Discover new awareness and tools for integration. 

Investment $347


Elevation Catalyst Journey 

Eight (8) 60 minute sessions, 1 per week + invitation to Private Community

Recommended for those who are ready to commit to their journey of discovery.

Investment $655


Illumination Mastery Journey

(15) 60 minute one-on-one sessions, 1 per week + invitation to Private Community

Fully show up as the divine embodiment you came here to be! Claim your YES!

Investment $1,220

Spiritual Alchemy Journey

(for continuing students only)

13% discount for continued commitment to your journey!

Eight (8) 60 minute Sessions, 1 per week + invitation to Private Community

Fire ignited, the work must continue! Continued commitment to yourself is rewarded with a 13% discount!

Investment $613

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