Jessica’s gift illuminates people’s souls.     – Robin Osborn, author The Soul of Success

“Jessica is very powerful.  She has a presence, an innate status.  Her perception is spot-on.”

      – Rose Cole, Spiritual Wellness Leader

“I always feel like my soul is cleansed after talking with Jessica.”   – Praggya

“Jessica walks the delicate balance between being genuinely supportive and graciously reflective on other’s lives. She’s able to mirror you so you have the opportunity to stand in your image of yourself. She provides accountability to help you move past negative thought patterns, and is a loving, listening friend through the growth process.”

– Adele Wiejaczka


“Jessica is a nurturing, passionate healer. She exudes confidence and compassion equally, always offering up caring solutions and ideas. Her energy is soft and loving, yet strong and solid.”

– Michele Collum


“From the first time I met her it felt like she knew me. I could relax and be myself and it took me no time to open up to her. Jessica is so open and there is a calmness and an energy of true love and compassion that seems to just pour out of her. Her smile is real and reassuring, her laugh contagious, and her words of wisdom come straight from her heart. She has helped me in so many ways. Just being in her presence soothes me and makes me feel safe. She is so strong in her own vulnerability allowing me to be the same and also, something so transformative, she taught me how to celebrate it. She sees my beauty and she makes sure I see it, too. And so I do. I have pressed her gentle yet powerful words to my heart and I remember them. They make me stronger every day and help me have courage so I can be more of who I truly am. So I can shine my light and believe that the world needs to see it as much as I do. She is a True Leader of Light.”

– Marianne Pia Bjorgen

“Jessica is extremely generous.  She sees everyone with unconditional love and wants others to be their best, and helps them get there if they’re willing to. Everything she does, and says, even the way she moves is purposeful and spot on.”  – Michelle Fast

“Jessica has a beautiful warm loving heart and helped me when I was going through a dark night of the soul and I’m grateful for her love and support. If I had a sister, I would like her to be exactly like Jessica. I feel this lovely warm golden soothing honey energy from her. I love how warm, loving and nurturing she is and how generous she is with her soft beautiful heart. She has great wisdom and is wise beyond her years. She is a bright light for people when there’s no hope.”

– Caroline

“Jessica is like a divining rod for Truth.” – Ashlie Caronia

“Jessica is a very supportive, giving, uplifting, energetic, and I admire her ability to take a stand for others and for herself.”  – Jillian Perry